2007-2008 AWARD:  $2,000.00                    APPLICATION DEADLINE:             June 1, 2007

SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA:  Must be an Arkansas resident and planning a career in or related to the cattle industry.  Selection based upon academic achievement, character, career plans, and leadership potential.  Preference may be given to children and grandchildren of ACA members. Preference may also be given to financial need.


PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE:  (Attach separate sheets as necessary.)


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER                                               PHONE                                            


Name of college planning to attend or are currently attending



Have your parents or grandparents ever been members of ACA?     Yes                        No                    

If yes, give names and occupation                                                                                                

HIGH SCHOOL GPA                                COLLEGE GPA (if applicable)                               

Please list scholarships already received. (Source/Amount/Years)                                                                                           


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Explain your career plans (college major, special talents, interest, and desires.)





Explain what role you see yourself playing in the cattle industry after graduation.





Give short personal background and any experience in the cattle industry.  Include any special recognition or honors that you have received.





Mail application, official high school or college transcripts, and two reference letters to:

Arkansas Cattlemen’s Foundation, 310 Executive Court, Little Rock, AR  72205